South Tyrol Weather

Wishing you a sunny holiday at the Gstör in Algund :-)

The weather on Tuesday, 12.11.2019

Min.: 0°C
Max.: 6°C

Cold and humid air over the Alps.

Very cloudy with rain and snow, snow line around 1000 m. Stronger precipitations in the following night, level of snowfall sinking to 600 m.

Maximum temperatures between 3° and 7°.

The weather on Wednesday, 13.11.2019

Min.: -7°C
Max.: 8°C

The weather in the mountains on Tuesday, 12.11.2019

Cold and humid air over the Alps.

Temperature at 2.000m: -2°C
Temperature at 3.000m: -5°C
0° at altitude: 1500m

Weather forecast in South Tyrol


Min.: -3°C
Max.: 9°C


Min.: -7°C
Max.: 8°C


Min.: -1°C
Max.: 7°C


Min.: -2°C
Max.: 8°C

Map of South Tyrol on Tuesday, 12.11.2019

Map of South Tyrol on Wednesday, 13.11.2019

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